Montana-Dakota Utilities

Project: 8” HDPE IP Natural Gas Line


Montana-Dakota Utilities

Project: 2” & 4” HDPE natural gas distribution lines


Montana-Dakota Utilities

Project:  Direct Bury 3 phase Cables, HDD & Open Trench


Knife River Corporation

Project: 8” HDPE Water Line, 300ft


Montana-Dakota Utilities

Project: 6” & 2” HDPE Natural gas IP lines, 9000ft.


Williston North Dakota Waste Water project

Project: HDD of 12”HDPE sewer pipe, 280ft


Burke Divide Electric Coop. a Touchstone Energy Coop.

Project:   HDD & Trenching of (3) 500kva underground primary electric lines, 4000 ft.


Montana Dakota Utilities

Project: HDD on 4000ft of 6” IP natural gas lines.


Northwestern Energy

Project: HDD Replacement of underground electric primary various locations Montana


Cascade Natural Gas

Project: HDD 4” HDPE natural gas distribution Washington State.


Montana Dakota Utilities

Project: Natural gas distribution replacement of steel mains & services to hdpe, Montana.


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